Our History

The desire for providing Greek religious education and keeping the Orthodox faith were the inspiration of the first families of the Greek Orthodox Community of Fort Pierce. 

A Brief History Of Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

A handful of Greek residents back in the late 1950’s were determined to achieve their goals. Monthly informal meetings, socials, picnics and religious hymn singing were very much a part of the community. These informal meetings took place at the old schoolhouse at the corner of Indrio Road and Emerson Road.

Hard benches served as the seats and minutes of the gatherings were taken on a small card table; very humble beginnings for our community.

Years of dedication, perseverance, enthusiasm, and some disappointments ensued, but the Christian faith never wavered and soon began to intensify. On special occasions, Fr. Demosthenes Mekras of Miami and Fr. Stephen Anthony of West Palm Beach would travel to Fort Pierce to offer sacraments, prayers and blessings in the homes of the early parishioners.

In 1961, four leaders of the community gathered and decided, with the consent of all the members, to construct a social hall on Indrio Road. The land was donated, and the building was constructed. Strangely enough, the building looked so much like a church that a cross was placed on the top and the miracle of Saint Nicholas Church was born.

In 1965, the parish received its official charter from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North America. The first priest assigned to serve the fledgling community was Fr. Constantine Chokanis.

In 1971, with the continued migration of the Greek faithful moving into the area, a more central location was desired.

A larger church (currently our social hall) was erected at our current location. This building served as our house of worship until 1985. The efforts and unending sacrifices of the church leaders and the priest, Fr. George Mamangakis, led to the construction of our current Church building in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Pay special attention to the plaque to the left of the church entrance, which recognizes the founders of our community. May their memories be eternal.

Service Times

Orthros – Sunday 9:00 am

Divine Liturgy – Sunday 10:00 am

Sunday School –  Sunday 11:00 am

Bible Study – following the Divine Liturgy 

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